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The Power of Brand Awareness in an Evolving Marketing Landscape

In the fast-paced marketing world, where instant results often steal the spotlight, brand awareness is a pivotal stage in a company’s long-term success.  Understanding Brand Awareness The First Step in the Marketing Funnel The initial stage in the marketing funnel involves establishing brand awareness, which is often overlooked by companies eager to jump straight to

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The Importance of Tapping into the U.S. Hispanic Market and How To Do it Right

The U.S. Hispanic market represents a rapidly growing segment of the American population. It is a demographic that advertisers have historically underserved, but recent data shows that tapping into this market is not just a good idea – it’s essential for brand growth.  The Economic Powerhouse of U.S. Latinos The economic prowess of the U.S.

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Carlos Tatis

Carlos’s episode is one of our most vulnerable episodes. He’s an entrepreneur dedicated to sharing his knowledge and ideas through his brand. In this episode, he was open about his story and addiction, leading him through difficult times. After overcoming his struggles, Tatis helps others who also battle with addictions. He shares how there is always an option and opportunities behind unopened doors.

Throughout the episode, he demonstrates how optimistic he is. In the clip above, Tatis shares that he looks forward to doing things out of his comfort zone since it helps him to get closer to his goals.

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Racelly Henriquez

If you struggled to start a business by yourself, you are not alone. Racelly is a businesswoman known for her beauty salon, Racelly Hair. She faced personal, professional, and family-related challenges throughout her life. However, she persevered to start multiple projects and continue growing her salon. Although it was hard, she showed up to her salon full of charisma and professionalism, creating a happy and friendly environment for her clients.

Our audience loved Racelly’s wise words. One of our favorite moments in this episode was her message to small business owners who struggle to start and develop their businesses. As shown in the clip above, Racelly perceives challenging times as an advantage to learn, grow and innovate.

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Qiana Aviles

Qiana Aviles is the brains behind multiple businesses, including Nail Lounge, Face and Body, Vida Hair Growth, and On Her The Brand. In this particular episode, she guides us on her path of establishing her thriving enterprises. Moreover, she reveals her aspiration to motivate fellow women entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and goals while providing invaluable support to numerous individuals during challenging times.

One of our favorite moments of this episode is when Qiana shares how she went behind her mom’s back and created an e-commerce website to sell the products of what we know as Vida Hair Growth. Check it out in the clip above.

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Gabriela Berrospi

Berrospi is a member of the Forbes Finance Council, TED Speaker, author, and founder of Latino Wall Street. As the number one Spanish platform, her business aims to educate the Latino community on the stock exchange and generate income at home. As a guest on GTCISB, she shares her experience growing up, studying in Peru, and starting her business.

In the episode, we learned how her childhood defined her as who she is today. As a kid, she was proactive and practiced discipline through extracurricular activities. She also shares how her experiences at Wall Street and that she did not belong there motivated her to create her path with Latino Wall Street. Throughout the episode, you discover Berrospi’s dedication to helping hardworking Latin Americans to have a more pleasing and quality life.

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Anabelle Henriquez

Anabelle Henriquez is a Personal Finance Advisor, Speaker, Coach, and businesswoman. She owns multiple businesses, including Chulerias By Annabelle, AMEP, and HouseKeeping By A. Anabelle recounts her journey in this episode, expressing her commitment to learning and providing financial education to others. Also, Anabelle elaborates on the strategies for setting her businesses apart from competitors. Meanwhile, she talks about Creating Smiles, a foundation that helps kids and families.

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Saudi Almonte

Last but not least, we had the pleasure of interviewing Saudi Almonte, a dedicated entrepreneur whose mission is to empower women by prioritizing their physical and emotional well-being and enhancing their overall quality of life.

Almonte filled this episode with inspiration and motivation to achieve our goals. She talked about how going through the pandemic is an opportunity to invest in the little things that matter the most. Her advice on stopping the scroll and doing something life-changing is one of our episode’s favorite moments.

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