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Our CEO Delivered a Keynote Speech at the Interuniversity Lecture Series for Peace, Development, and Education held at the United Nations Headquarters.

We proudly share that our CEO, Sojey Fernandez, participated in an important forum held at the United Nations Headquarters on May 23. As part of the event, Sojey delivered a compelling speech on the critical link between mental health and peace, development, and education.

The forum, held from 10 AM to 1 PM EST, is part of the Interuniversity Lecture Series “Ambassador Otto Federico von Feigenblatt” for Peace, Development, and Education. Established on August 5, 2022, by the CUGS University of Mexico and a group of international universities and academies, the series promotes the dissemination of knowledge about the nexus between peace, development, and education. The event was chaired by His Excellency Ambassador Otto Federico von Feigenblatt, a prominent social scientist and diplomat, with participation from doctors, rectors, diplomats, and international scholars.

The program included opening remarks by the Chair, an awards ceremony, and a series of speeches by distinguished academics and professionals. Ms. Fernandez’s speech was also a highlight, emphasizing the vital role of mental health in achieving global peace and sustainable development. In her heartfelt address, she stated, “To achieve peace and sustainable development in this modern world, we should be open to considering an often overlooked but fundamentally crucial aspect: the peace of our minds.” She passionately advocated for mental health awareness and the need for emotional well-being to be at the forefront of global discussions on peace, development, and education.

Sojey drew on her expertise in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and her work with Walks of Light, a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health advocacy. She shared insights on how promoting mental health can foster a more peaceful society and called for the integration of emotional intelligence programs in schools. “By teaching our children the importance of emotional intelligence, we equip them with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and empathy,” she asserted.

Through her work with Walks of Light, Sojey is dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health, fostering open dialogue, and providing vital resources to our communities. At D&S Agency, we are incredibly proud of Sojey’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

(Should you wish to learn more about Walks of Light, explore opportunities for involvement, or offer your support, please do not hesitate to reach out directly at walksoflight@dsagencyny.com)