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Sojey Fernandez received the “COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARD” at Columbia University by Foundation ESDUFM

In a world where exceptional leaders are driven by a passion for community and a deep commitment to making a difference, Sojey Fernandez, our CEO, shines brightly. It’s not every day we get to celebrate this kind of leadership. That’s why we’re beyond excited to share news about Sojey, who has recently been honored with the prestigious ‘Community Impact Award’ by Congressman Adriano Espaillat and Mrs. Nuris de Oleo on behalf of the honorable Carmen de la Rosa, during the anniversary event of the Foundation ‘El Secreto de un Futuro Mejor (ESDUFM)’ at Columbia University.

This award shines a light on Sojey’s incredible work and dedication to the Latino community. It’s a big deal because it recognizes her tireless effort to lift others up and bring about positive change.

Sojey’s journey and the recognition she has received remind us all of how much one person’s drive and commitment can truly make a difference. Her ability to inspire and unite people around a common cause is something our branding and advertising agency, D&S, admire and strives to emulate. One of our agency’s core missions is to help Hispanic-American business women. This mission is reflected in the certifications our agency has received from the Division of Minority and Women Business Development and the National Minority Supplier Development Council. We’ve mentioned these achievements before, but they’re worth talking about again.

As a team, we’re incredibly proud of Sojey’s achievements and grateful for her fearless leadership. Her “Community Impact Award” is a beacon of hope and a call to action for all of us at D&S Agency, to continue working towards a future where everyone’s voice is heard, and their potential is recognized.

Join us in applauding Sojey for this well-deserved recognition, and let’s keep the momentum going, inspired by her example to make a difference in every life we touch.