D&S Agency | Full-service, Bilingual Advertising & Marketing Consulting


Established in 2014, we specialize in developing highly influential brands and their digital advertising strategies, and our goal is to make your brand successful. We have a unique offering as a full-service bilingual Advertising Consulting Agency M/WBE certified by New York City. Additionally, we are focused on corporate branding, marketing, and social media content. We help our clients by providing innovative and creative solutions. When you work with us, you will experience exceptional service from our detail-oriented professionals.


Our goal is to simplify the creative process by providing exceptional, high-quality services that drive the growth of your company in the new digital era. We combine strategy and imagination, keeping up with industry trends while creating solutions that transcend time.


Being the leader in creating powerful brands and developing innovative strategies for both government agencies and the private sector.  Simultaneously, we want to continue impacting the small business sector. Empowering startups with a strong digital presence and using our platforms for young creatives to have the opportunities to achieve their dreams and professional goals.


Our slogan, “A touch of imagination,” represents our philosophy of working in this industry. We believe that with hard work, imagination leads everyone anywhere. For us, it is not just about being knowledgeable; instead, it is what you can create with it.


At D&S Agency, we take care of your business by understanding your needs. We work by steps and processes to reach our goal. First, we have a discovery meeting to learn about your business and how we can help. Then, we do a market analysis and proceed to develop a strategy plus giving you the specifics on how the project will work. After they revise it, we continue to implement and monitor your project’s progress.


We are a dynamic group of specialists from different fields of the industry, dedicated to guiding you through the process of creating effective advertising for your business idea. Our team consists of industrial psychologists, advertisers, marketers, graphic designers, web developers, and video producers. Collectively, our goal is to simplify the creative process by providing exceptional, high-quality services that drive the growth of your company in this new digital era.



As part of our community, we support women entrepreneurs with our project #ConePowelfulWomen. This annual conference is a movement established within our company that works to create greater equality and representation of women in the economy. We provide Latina business owners with the refined educational tools they need to compete and succeed in today’s market. Conecta features workshops across multiple areas of expertise for female entrepreneurs who are looking to make their passion a successful business.


Sojey Fernandez is a bilingual Entrepreneur & Business Consultant with a background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Marketing Management. Her mission is to help women create strategies to grow their business through technology, innovation and marketing, as well as support the growth of other small businesses through her role in the agency. She has over 10 years of professional experience in technology, consumer behavior, sales and marketing which led her to discover her mission.

Through D&S Agency, she conveys vision and creativity to support small and medium business enterprises with advertising and branding. For her this is a dream come true, as she is a passionate, dedicated woman with a great work ethic and a desire to help others succeed in bringing their visions to life.

She is recognized as a relationship-builder with a strong focus on customer satisfaction; who also maintains an extensive business network through involvement in activities to promote leadership and entrepreneurship among young business professionals. She aspires to inspire and cultivate meaningful and transformative business relationships.