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What Is a Unique Selling Proposition & Three Ways to Define It

Multiple businesses are selling the same or a similar product or service as yours.Therefore, your brand, directly and indirectly, competes with others. With this fact in mind, what makes you different or better from the rest? Why should consumers and prospects buy your product or service instead of getting it from your competitors? That’s when USP comes in.

As part of our goal to define your brand identity, we want to help you define this crucial element that will set your business apart. A unique selling proposition, or USP, is a benefit a brand promises to its consumers that the competition couldn’t claim. As the term says, it has to be a unique characteristic that your target audience will know your business. If you’re starting a business, redefining or rebranding an established one, and don’t understand how to outline your USP, start filling the blanks of this sentence:

You should buy [a] _____ because it’s the only one that _____.

Overall, the purpose of a USP is to make your business stand out for one thing. Even if it’s true, you can’t claim that your business is good at everything. JosephPutnam, the founder of ConversionEngine, put it in the best words:

“When you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything.”

Innovation: Changing the Market

If your business offers something that hasn’t been done before or disrupts the market, use it to your advantage. Take a look at Netflix. The company started by consumers renting DVDs online and receiving it at home and returning it by mail. Nowadays, they are a streaming service with exclusive TV shows and movies that they can watch on any device. With streaming services like Netflix, consumers don’t need to leave their homes to go to Blockbuster or any other DVD and Blu-ray rental shop to watch their favorite media. Therefore, regardless of your taste, Netflix promises to entertain the world with the best-in-class TV shows, movies, and documentaries in one subscription.


If your business invented or innovated a product or service, it’s highly likely that other companies will tag along. For example, BeautyBlender was the first to create a one-of-a-kind edgeless makeup sponge that claims to give makeup artists and consumers an impeccable blended complexion. Other beauty brands began developing their makeup sponges and continue to do so. Although, BeautyBlender manages to stay on top of its competition. Not only the brand isa registered trademark, but they named it “The Original BeautyBlender® MakeupSponge.” In the end, this brand stands out by being the go-to tool for amateurs and newbies to obtain a perfectly blended complexion.

Emotions, Experiences, and Connections

Many businesses already claim that they offer high-quality products or low prices.Everyone wants to claim that what they offer is the best. If your business belongs to a saturated industry, it’s best to take a different route when defining your USP. A recent skincare brand, Then I Met You, doesn’t only sell products made with high-quality ingredients. It differentiates itself by being inspired by Jeong. This Korean concept refers to positive emotions such as affection and empathy that’s gained from people, places, and things. The brand uses Jeong to represent skincare as a meaningful connection that will have rewarding results.

So, Does. Your Business Need a USP?

Yes! The brand’s Creative Brief must include its unique selling proposition. Also, don’t solely claim the benefit. Make sure it shows on your graphic line, your products and services, on your website, social media, and other platforms you use to advertise it. Stop being unknown and start standing out from the competition!