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Your Quick Guide to Measuring Reach on Instagram

Managing your Instagram analytics for your business is super critical when you are growing your following and increasing reach. Understanding the essentials and using them to your advantage can help you immensely. Many people focus on the obvious and ignore the basics, which allow you to see what matters and help grow your community. For instance, reach is easy to see but tricky to identify. It will benefit you in knowing what to look for and how you can reap the benefits. There are many ways to measure reach, but there are four main ways:

Comments Received

Anyone can double-tap on a post. But, you must keep an eye on those who go out of their way and leave their two cents.Building trust and a loyal community is an excellent indicator of how your post impacts people. However, not everyone is positive and optimistic; you will get some who will lash out and leave negative comments in your content. Don’t let that stop you from creating and sharing. Instead, use it to push your business forward or use it as criticism and see how you can make your content better, if necessary. Understanding the amount and type of comments you are getting will allow you to adapt and adjust for the best results.


UsingGeotags may seem lackluster, but it has its benefits and is still better than nothing. These will allow others to find your content even when they aren’t looking. In other words, it’s a great way to expand your reach and introduce your business to the masses. The best part is that you can include it in both your stories and posts as well. Next time you share an image of your business, write the address of your business instead of your city to decrease the number of competitors, and target a more niche and specific audience. It also tells the viewer the exact location of your business.

Story Engagement

This one may be a little harder to measure because stories only last 24 hours, and you have 48 hours until all the data is wiped clean. Also, think about this:what are the optimal actions to look at before it’s gone? First, you should look at the views; to know how many unique viewers saw your story. That way, you know what type of content to release and when to post it. Next, check how many exited the story. It’s an excellent way to see what your audience is most interested in and what is a turn-off. If something is popular and relevant to what you’re doing, continue. If not, then try something else. In short, exits will give you the exact idea of what to avoid or change. In return, it allows you to redesign your content, so your account can reach its full potential and maximize reach.

The Number of Saves

The amount of saves you generate is just as significant as the number of likes.Saves allow users to collect and save content, which indicates strong interest.Furthermore, it will enable users to group them into categories, so if you have informative posts that are valuable to your viewers, they are more likely to save it for future viewing. Don’t underestimate saves and use it to build your community and a loyal fanbase.

Takeaways & Bonus Information

Although these aren’t the only ones that help measure your reach, it’s best to keep them in mind. Find out what people want to see from your brand and what you have to offer to supply their demand. Use those insights to create content that appeals to them and make content that you enjoy. Need help with creating a content strategy and manage your social accounts? Check out our Social Media Management services and contact us today!