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Website Traffic Not Growing? Here’s What Might Be Going Wrong

Let’s see if we got this right: Your business needed a website, so you got one. Now, your business shares your website on social media. Your business profiles on each platform have a link to your site. Perhaps you share content with the “Link in our bio” text at the end of the caption. Your email list knows about your website, and you have been sharing it with multiple customers. However, when looking at the website analytics, crickets. 

After all the effort, you, as a business owner, don’t feel great about the outcome. Your website isn’t working for your business the way you want. 

We have had clients who have felt the same way. They knew something was not working for their business. Instead of feeling lost about what is not working, here are five reasons your business website’s traffic is not growing. 

1. Your website's design and navigation need improvements.
Have you noticed in your analytics that your website acquires new users but lacks recurring visitors? Your website’s design and navigation could be the culprit. It takes 0.05 seconds to make an outstanding first impression. (Yes, you read that right!) If a visitor loses interest and checking out other pages is challenging, they will exit quickly and possibly not return. Website design matters more than many business owners think. For instance, a study revealed that 94% of website first impressions are design-related. Users would mistrust a website because of the layout, color usage, too much text, too small elements, and more. Everyone has expectations on how a website should look, including your ideal customers. Therefore, improving the design and navigation is necessary to make your website visually appealing and user-friendly. Have simplicity and familiarity to your advantage in website design.
2. Your website could benefit from some updates.

When was the last time you updated your website content? Can your ideal customers find accurate information about your business? If you answered “no” to the second question, you have found another culprit behind your website’s lack of traffic growth. 


Users expect your website to share up-to-date information related to your business. If your website’s content feels outdated, users will question the legitimacy of your brand and whether you are open for business. For an up-to-date website, hiring a team that offers a monthly service for website maintenance and updates is essential for your business. 

3. No SEO

SEO (aka, search engine optimization) is a fundamental process that helps make your website search engine friendly. It provides multiple benefits to your website, including organic traffic and presenting your business as an authority in its industry.

Your website needs keywords related to your business and what users are searching for to enhance your digital presence. However, SEO does not provide fast results. Investing in tools and a website team with SEO expertise will bring exceptional results to your business, but it will take time to see consistent traffic from it. 

4. Your social media strategy requires refinements.

Aiming beyond simple metrics such as getting more likes, comments, and followers is essential on social media. Your business should focus on other meaningful goals to maximize your social media content’s effectiveness. 

Social media helps generate brand awareness. It also allows your business to provide value to your followers to consider your business as the solution to their pain points and needs. With your content, it is essential to make them curious and eager to learn more about your business. That is why your business should share content intended to make your audience exit the social media platform and visit your site. Remember, not all your followers see your social media content; therefore, one weekly post with the “link in our bio” call-to-action is not enough.

5. Patience, patience, patience.
Did we mention patience? Websites do not provide or guarantee overnight success. Establishing a strong online presence while acquiring visibility through search engine rankings takes time. Many elements play an essential part in gaining trust from online users, such as building quality content, optimizing the website design, and your business’s marketing efforts. Website growth is an ongoing process. Patience is key to growing successfully online.   If you want your website to give you the results you need to stand out online and grow your business, you will need a team that knows everything about branding, marketing, and website. Is that something you want for your business? Book a discovery call to see how we can help you level up your website. Schedule an appointment with us by clicking here.