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New TV Show “Secretos CEO”

Why You Should Watch Sojey Fernández Guest Star In New TV Show “Secretos CEO”

By Kendra Valencia – Social Media & Project Manager

A new show has come to TV Quisqueya U.S. Indhira Baez, a Dominican Communicator and Producer has launched her show “Secretos CEO by Indhira Baez.” The refreshing program, Secretos CEO (Spanish for CEO Secrets), is perfect for young entrepreneurs. After the show premiered on December 1st, viewers will now have a new source of inspiration and motivation, thanks to the featured guest stars.

Secretos CEO is a platform where viewers will meet successful entrepreneurs from different industries. These guests who, once were someone with an idea in mind, are now highly respected Presidents, Directors, Founders, or CEOs from prosperous businesses.

At the premiere event, the host, Indhira Baez, revealed the first five guest stars of the show. These guests are Caroline Diplan, CEO of C-Town Supermarket; Cira Angeles, CEO of L.A. Riverside; Isveny Pichardo, Media Pichardo; Carmen De La Rosa, City Council – District 10; and finally, Sojey Fernandez, CEO of D&S Agency.



Our CEO, Sojey Fernandez, is stoked to appear on the show. She gave us some insight into what she’ll talk about with Baez. The two entrepreneurs share things in common. They both have podcasts aimed at business owners. Fernandez is the host of CEO Sin Filtro (CEO Without Filter), where she talks about what it takes to be a CEO and run a successful business. Meanwhile, Baez’s podcast is Mujer Branding (Woman Branding), made to help women find their mission to become happy ad successful with their business or entrepreneurship.

“The entire team of Secretos CEO made me feel incredibly welcomed. I appreciated how professional Indhira and the team were.”
– Sojey Fernandez

We also reached out to Baez and asked her thoughts about our CEO ad her experience interviewing her:

“I can say that interviewing Sojey has been gratifying since, being a young CEO, she has a different but accurate vision of the administration and management of teams and companies. Aside from being imposed by situations in her personal life, she had the effort to achieve her personal goals. A very commendable fact since, instead of being the victim of the story, she became the queen.”
– Indhira Baez

In Fernandez’s episode, she shares her story of launching D&S Agency. Plus, you’ll discover the secrets that turned her into a successful CEO and business owner. Want to know what they are? You have to watch the episode.

Check out Fernandez’s episode of Secretos CEO on Wednesday, December 29th at 9 pm on TV Quisqueya. The program airs in both the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. Don’t miss out on the stories from all the show’s guests. We promise you that you will learn new things plus be motivated and empowered to work on your business.

Source: José Zabala & Indhira Báez