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Good Things Come In Small Businesses (GTCISB).



In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 forced businesses in the US to shut down. The pandemic heavily impacted small business owners, and in 2023 some are still recovering from it. But the pandemic did not stop us from moving forward. In fact, 4.4 million businesses were created in the U.S. alone in 2020. 

As a small business, we have always loved supporting other small businesses through our services, social media content, conferences, and events. We thrive on sharing brands’ stories, amplifying their voices, and shedding light on their journey. Our CEO, Sojey Fernández, had wanted to make her podcast, Unfiltered CEO (or CEO Sin Filtro in Spanish), a reality. Her podcast is another space to empower people by sharing the reality of being entrepreneurs and business owners. 

That is why in 2020, our marketing team decided to combine our CEO’s dream podcast and our passion for supporting small businesses. And so, we created Good Things Come In Small Businesses.


How We Made This Campaign a Reality

After coming up with the idea of GTCISB, we went into production. We defined the topics we wanted to discuss with our guests, including their stories, experiences, and pandemic-related challenges. Also, we strategized on acquiring guests, teasers, and launch campaigns. Our CEO made a video about the campaign and encouraged small businesses to apply as a guest on the podcast to share their stories. Additionally, we made multiple posts on social media, generating awareness about participating in this project, and we got numerous people interested in being part of it.

When launching GTCISB, visibility was one of our goals. Therefore, we created a teaser before posting each episode and clips after its release. We shared the episodes, previews, and clips on our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. Moreover, we implemented employee advocacy where members of the D&S team shared the campaign for further awareness and to show support.


The Guests

On Good Things Come In Small Businesses, we had six wonderful and inspiring guests with unique stories interviewed by Sojey Fernandez. They were open to sharing the vulnerabilities that led them to their success. Our interviewees were Qiana Aviles, Gabriela Berrospi, Anabelle Henriquez, Racelly Henriquez, Carlos Tatis, and Saudi Almonte. Here’s what we discussed during their interviews:


The Lessons Learned From GTCISB

Overall, our campaign guests shared inspiring stories and valuable advice that we can implement in our personal and professional endeavors. As we learned from them, it is crucial to work on our mental health, invest in ourselves and our business. 

One thing we can take away is that you do not achieve your goals and success overnight. There will always be ups and downs and trial and error. However, you must see threats and weaknesses as opportunities to innovate, grow and keep moving forward. 

At D&S Agency, we enjoyed working and launching this special edition of Unfiltered CEO. We received positive feedback and reached new audiences to form part of our community on social. That is why we are ready for more. 

Check out Sojey Fernandez’s YouTube Channel to watch our campaign episodes, and stay tuned for an exciting new season of our podcast! Sign up for our newsletter to be up-to-date on what is coming with D&S Agency and Unfiltered CEO.