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Sojey Fernandez

Everything You Need to Know of Sojey Fernandez’s Entrepreneur 2021 Recognition

By Kendra Valencia – Social Media & Project Manager

In December 2021, Mujer Virtuosa RJ has their Second Annual Christmas Wagner USA: “The Power of Gratitude.”

Mujer Virtuosa RJ strives to create, raise awareness, develop multiple educational, social, cultural, and other projects. The group of professionals and community leaders that form the organization focuses on working with people of all ages, from kids to adults and underprivileged communities. New York State, Pennsylvania, and different cities in the Dominican Republic are the primary locations the organization works.

This year’s event has been airing on Canal America with its affiliates from the Dominican Republic and multiple social networks such as Facebook Live.

Among the people who received their recognition is our CEO, Sojey Fernandez. The Board of Directors identified Fernandez’s leadership and support to multiple communities during these challenging times. That’s why Aura Rosario, Founder & President of Mujer Virtuosa RJ, awarded her “Entrepreneur of the Year 2021.” Not only did Fernandez receive this recognition. Additionally, she received the New York State Assembly Certification of Merit and a City Council Certificate.

“The truth is that this year has been one of transcendence for my career and my business. I have had to overcome significant challenges to achieve great results.

As I said in my speech, being an entrepreneur is much more than a buzzword. It’s a responsibility, a challenge that only the brave take on and persevere. It’s about challenging yourself to grow both personally and professionally.”

                                                                                         –  Sojey Fernandez

Thank you, Aura Rosario, for recognizing our CEO’s hard work. At D&S Agency, we are grateful to see how Sojey is getting the recognition she deserves.

Source: Mujer Virtuosa RJ