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Are you looking for ways to improve your business website?

Websites are not a platform you need to check off a list of must-haves. They are crucial for the visibility and growth of your business. Here are some essential tips for B2B websites that can improve conversion rates and sales!

Optimize It For Search Engines

With millions of users and blogs to compete with, you have to work hard to stay ahead of the game. That’s why, if you want to increase the traffic of your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital. While many people manage to cover most areas of importance when starting a blog, the majority forgets to use SEO. If your website doesn’t use it, it can be detrimental since it affects both the quality and quantity of your website. Because of this reason, you need to get clued up on the best SEO tools and techniques.

Keep in mind that SEO isn’t just about writing great content, but it’s also about how user-friendly your website is. The better it is, the more Google wants to link to your company.

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

Did you know that having an updated website will improve your search engine rankings, reduce your bounce rate, and increase conversions?

No reader wants to read outdated blog posts, and no consumer or client wants to buy a product they don’t think it’s relevant. Everyone that visits your website wants to know that it’s the best, and it’s worth spending their time on it.

Optimize Its Design

SEO might do all of the hard work, like bringing the traffic to your site; but the design is just as important. Not only because it reflects the look and feel of your brand, but additionally the time it takes to load the page. Page speed is crucial for websites! Imagine how awful it is when you find a website that can’t even load the images and designs. That’s one of the main reasons users abandon a webpage.

For websites, one should be cautious when selecting images that fit with the message of your business. Commonly, stock photos don’t look genuine and will affect the company’s trust. That’s why you must use photographs of people that work at your company.

If real photographs aren’t an option, look for stock photos that portray your company the most. Images can show an aspect related to the business category, can exemplify your product or service, represent the psychographics of your audience, or reflect the mood of your brand.

Make It Mobile-friendly

Websites require having a responsive design. Every day more people access them via mobile devices. Therefore, you don’t want to miss those potential conversions!Get a web developer that ensures users can navigate it via their phones. Consequently, your company website will have a better ranking.


Every section of your website should have some form of call-to-action (CTA) to tell your visitors what to do and how to do it instantly. CTA’s are excellent because you don’t need to have a wordy text to catch the person’s attention.Find which one works for your target and exploit it. For example, creating urgency with a time-sensitive offer or giving the content of choice available to download may increase leads volume for website conversion. These types of CTA tactics have seen success in B2B company websites.

Hierarchy and Headers

Take control over your website and define the order in which your clients seethings. Maximize the use of headers to create hierarchies that your clients follow so you can give them information in a certain way and in order. This structure helps them along the marketing funnel through awareness, interest, desire, and action.

When composing headers for your website optimization, remember to write with a dual audience in mind. The text and content need to be structured for the benefit of your buyer and the SEO. Headers need to be filled with keywords but keeping it direct and persuasive.

In conclusion, changing the smallest details can have huge effects, so think of your company website optimization as an ongoing process, not a one-off project.Ask for help from the D&S Agency Team, and gain insight into how your company website can be the best!