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Impact of effective corporate branding: What is a good logo, and what can it do for you?

Having effective corporate branding is vital to your business’s success. Having a good logo, or a variety of good logos, is key to brand differentiation and image. For starters, you brand needs to be identifiable to its consumers. If you don’t have a logo, your company is likely received as illegitimate and loses its touch with consumers. So, at the bare minimum, having a logo is incredibly important. However, having a good logo and really take your business the extra mile. There are different types of logos, and knowing which one type is right for you is important to the success of your business.

First off, there are purely textual logos, called “logotype.” These logos you might use as the letter head of documents, as they are more textual than visual, but represent your brand. Using a unique typeface, as opposed to a plain arial or times new roman, differentiates your company and makes its name more recognizable.Second, there are wordmarks, which combine letters and graphics together to form the logo. When these two graphic elements are combined, logos can become a bit overwhelming, however, they help to bolster name recognition but adding a visual cue. Finally, there are more visual logos include iconic (or “descriptive”) logos, and illustrative logos. These logos are “show not tell” logos, that rely heavily on visual elements to communicate the brand.

Your business may need a combination of one or any of these logos to communicate effectively, depending on what your company and audience are. Most businesses benefit from illustrative and descriptive logos, however, some businesses do not. Some examples of logos that would not benefit from an illustrative logo might include a company that works with funeral services, or a company marketing insect repellent, because we associate negatively with visuals of death and insects. These companies would benefit more from textual and abstract logos. However, in many other cases, such as technology and media, having a visual element is key to customer recognition of, and loyalty to, the brand.

So, before starting your corporate branding journey, think first about who you are and what you do, in order to begin evaluating what kind(s) of logos are right for you. Then, think about your mission and your goals. Logos can, and should be, symbolic. Using the right colors and symbols is important to communicate your brand identity. Ultimately, thinking about your business and your goals for your logo is the most important first step in creating effective corporate branding, because you will end with a product that is unique to your brand and represents you well. Once you have finished your branding, not only will you look more polished and professional, but your customers and clients will be able to pick you out from your competitors with ease, propelling your brand and your company’s success.

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